IT Consulting
IT Consulting
Business and technical
If you are looking to improve your business to achieve perfection and profitable future, you may have to consult an expert who possesses experience and insight in your stream of business. We know how hard it is to find a genuine business consultant in this money minded world, here at ACS we are connected with a strong network of consultants who works in various streams of businesses.

Consult ACS if you are looking to establish a sustainable business or to solve any business related issues.
ACS offers consultancy to
  • »  To achieve higher efficiency
  • »  To increase effectiveness
  • »  To add innovation to your business module
  • »  IT cost reduction
  • »  Global sourcing
  • »  IT – Business strategy and innovation
  • »  Infrastructure optimization
Bring your business problem to ACS to find cost effective solutions.
Marketing and Web development consulting
Sales and marketing are the two important terms associated with all types of businesses. Companies tend to spend a lot of amount on marketing campaigns which are worthless if carried out conventionally. In this technical world, internet is the most effective media to boost the sales and marketing. ACS is the best in Class Company which provides the online and offline marketing consulting.

The process starts with the website, your website must be good enough to attract potential customers and a beautifully designed website is not a solution. ACS implies SEO in its beginning steps of web design and develops each page in search engine friendly manner to get good rank in search engine index.
Our services include
  • »   Identification of source of future growth
  • »   Improved customer experience
  • »   IT based solutions
  • »   Competition analysis and strategy
  • »   Market driven sales
  • »   Market research and accountability
  • »   Market study and execution
Contact ACS to know how we can serve you with your business needs.
SMM consulting
ACS has in-house SEO and SMM experts to serve you with all your search engine optimization and social media marketing needs. Every one knows the importance of first page rank in Google or any other search engine and how it affects the marketing of products or services.

ACS is equipped with best SEO and SMM professionals who understands the algorithm and behavior of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Outsource your SEO and SMM needs to ACS professionals to see better results or consult our experts to plan your own SEO & SMM campaign, either way it is beneficial for your marketing plan.

Social networking sites drive a huge traffic and are easy to use. Most of the businesses are focusing on social networks to promote their products and services and it is cost effective.
ACS consulting can help you to
  • »   Search engine optimize your website
  • »   Increase sales and boost revenues
  • »   Advertisement campaigning
  • »   Local sale promotion
  • »   Good ranking on search engines
  • »   Keyword research and site analytics
  • »   Social media marketing
  • »   Brand promotion
  • »   Product launch
  • »   Sales promotion through genuine reviews
  • »   Backlinking process with articles, press release writing, review submission and other services.
Contact ACS for all your SEO and SMM needs.
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